About ATI


  • Elke Pritzel CFO

    Elke is the undisputed boss of ATI.

  • Oliver Pritzel CEO

    Oliver is the engineer. His passions are products that are state of the art. His head is always filled with new ideas, much to the chargin of his colleagues who must implement promptly and in perfection.

  • Tristan Rieger Production Manager

    Tristan is the right hand of Oliver and leads the production. He realizes Olivers ideas in daily operations. What is not always easy.

  • Klaus Lindemann Director Of Support

    Klaus knows everything. Well, at least about the ATI products. Therefore he leads the ATI support.


ATI is a traditional German company with headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia Hamm. While the aquarium market has in recent years been flooded with cheap Asian products, the products of ATI still stays true to its roots with technical innovations and ground breaking products with the highest quality standards.

The connection to our customers needs is important to us, which is why it is not surprising that Oliver (company MD) spends a lot of time on relevant forums, interested in answering questions to our products and suggestions, as well as absorbing criticism.

Our aim is to produce the best products without compromises. Should you at any time be unsatisfied with our products, our team will do everything possible to find a suitable solution.

This is what ATI represents. Since 2000.