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What are the benefits of Essentials Pro?

  • All important elements in only 2 bottles.
  • No dissolving and diluting necessary. Essentials pro is ready to use.
  • Balanced formula, actively counteracts a shift in ion balance.
  • Consumption-oriented and appropriate dosage of 24 elements (major and trace elements).
  • Strict quality control in our own laboratory. With Essentials pro you always get a top quality product.
  • High-yielding: With one set, an 80 liter aquarium, with a KH consumption of 1 ° dKH, can be supplied for about 1 year.
  • Highly concentrated: 27.300 ° dKH a. 195,000 mg of calcium per set. One set completely replaces 3 x 10 liters of conventional element supply.
  • Stabilizes the pH at a higher level than conventional supply systems, enables even better coral growth.
  • The combination of Essentials pro and Nutritions provides a complete supply of all important elements and nutrients.*

* Azooxanthellate corals and filter feeders must be fed in addition.

For which aquariums is Essentials pro suitable?

Essentials pro is ideal for the supply of aquariums with stony corals and aquariums with mixed stock. Only pure soft coral and anemone aquariums, that have no KH and calcium consumption, should not be supplied with Essentials pro.

How should bottles of Essentials pro be stored?

The bottles of Essentials should stand upright, stored at room temperature (25 ° C).

Which elements are dosed with Essentials pro?

Skeletal formation Major elements
(f. ion balance)
Trace elements
(metabolism a. color)
Carbonate (KH) Chloride Chromium
Calcium Sodium Iron
Magnesium Schwefel Iod
Strontium Potassium Cobalt
Bromine Lithium
Boron Manganese
Fluoride Molybdenum
u.v.m *

*Barium, Copper, Nickel, Selenium, Vanadium and Zinc

Does Essentials Pro need to be diluted before use?

Essentials pro does not need to be diluted. It is ready to use.

In case the dosing volume is too small for automated dosing, Essentials pro can be diluted as required. For this, however, only very pure osmosis water (+ mixed bed resin or better) should be used, which has a conductivity of <0 μS.

How much of Essentials pro do I have to dose?

The dosage of Essentials pro is consumption-oriented. The required dosing volume can be calculated via the KH consumption of your tank. Our online tool can help you to calculate the needed dosing volume (click on “Adjust” on the right).

Because Essentials pro is highly concentrated, as little as 7 ml per day is enough to raise the KH value of 100 liters of aquarium water by 1 ° dKH.

In rare cases, the calcium value may rise or fall when Essentials pro 1 and 2 are dosed equaly. If this is your case, the dosage of Essentials pro 2 should be adjusted based on the calcium consumption. Our online tool helps you to calculate the correct dosing volume of Essentials pro 2 via the calcium consumption, too.

Adjust dosage of Essentials pro

When should the dosage of Essentials pro be started and how often should Essentials pro be dosed throughout the day?

We recommend to dose Essentials pro from a daily KH consumption of 0.2 ° dKH.

If possible, divide the amount to be dosed into several single doses and dose equaly distributed throughout the day. Example: Daily Dosing volume 20 ml = 4 single doses -> dose 5 ml every 6 hours (see table below).

Daily KH-consumption per 100 liters Recom. single doses
0,2 °dKH 1,4 ml 1x
0,5 °dKH 3,5 ml 2x
1 °dKH 7 ml 4x
1,25 °dKH 8,75 ml 6x
1,5 °dKH 10,5 ml 8x
1,75 °dKH 12,25 ml 12x

Do the Essentials pro have to be dosed with a time shift?

The two highly concentrated solutions should be dosed with a time shift of at least 5 min. Otherwise the ingredients of the two solutions can react with each other and precipitate (artificial consumption). It is best to dose the Essentials pro at an area with high flow, e.g. into the chamber of the sump in which the return pump is located.

Do check valves have to be attached to the hoses of the dosing pump?

We recommend to attach check valves to the ends of the hoses. This prevents the liquid inside the hoses from withdrawing. Equipped in this way, the dosing pump no longer has to deliver dead volume, which significantly improves the accuracy of dosing small volumes.

Info: Only use check valves made of plastic, without metal parts! Metal parts corrode over time and release pollutants into the aquarium.

How long is a Set Essentials pro expected to last?

Daily KH-consumption Net volume of aquarium 1 set lasts for approx.
1 °dKH 80 liters ~ 360 days
1 °dKH 100 liters ~ 285 days
1 °dKH 160 liters ~ 180 days
1 °dKH 320 liters ~ 90 days
1 °dKH 500 liters ~ 60 days

What are the Nutritions for?

The Nutritions were developed for nutrient-poor and nutrient-limited aquariums (ulns). They supply the aquarium with important nutrients and actively counteract nutrient limitations. Nutritions thus support and enrich the nutrition of all reef inhabitants.

In combination with our professional water analysis, the nutrients in the aquarium can be brought into the right ratio (e.g. the Redfield ratio). This leads to an optimal utilization of the nutrients by the reef inhabitants.

What is contained in the different Nutritions?

Nutritions contain a broad food spectrum to optimally support the biodiversity in the reef aquarium. By maintaining a biodiversity that is as diverse as possible, the aquarium can react more quickly to changes. This contributes significantly to the stability of the aquarium system.

Nutrition C Nutrition N Nutrition P
Div. sources of Carbohydrates Low molecular nitrogen compounds, ammonium, nitrate, selected amino acids and vitamins Div. sources of phosphorus