T5-fluorescent tubes

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With the introduction of T5 light sources in marine aquaristics, an important step was taken in this field in 2000. The company ATI became a pioneer in innovative lighting.

On these pages you will find our product range in the area of T5 lamps. Here, in addition to the Aquablue Special and Blue Plus as basic tubes, with the Actinic and Purple Plus two supplementary tubes are available to enable intensive and color-optimized lighting.

ATI – Aquablue Special – basic tube

ATI Aquablue Special

The Aquablue Special is one of the most proven basic tubes in modern marine aquaristics. Due to its high blue content, it has a high proportion of photosynthetically usable radiation for corals (zooxanthellae).
It is therefore the cornerstone of our tube concept. We recommend an admixture in the ratio of 1:1 to 1:2 to our Blue Plus and the supplementary tubes.

ATI – Coral Plus – basic tube

ATI Aquablue Special

The Coral Plus is a basic tube with a significantly increased blue content at maximum PAR power. The higher blue content leads to better color reproduction for corals with fluorescent pigments as well as to a higher proportion of photosynthetically usable radiation (PUR). Despite the very high blue content, other colors such as red tones are also reproduced very well. The Coral Plus is the latest development from ATI and is visually located between the Blue Plus and the Aquablue Special.

ATI Blue Plus – basic tube

ATI Aquablue Special

The Blue Plus produces an intense blue light (max. at 450 nm) at maximum PAR power. The fluorescent pigments in the corals stand out even more clearly and the overall optical impression is significantly improved. Depending on the coral stock, we recommend mixing in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:2.

ATI Actinic – Supplementary tube

ATI Aquablue Special

The Actinic produces a violet-blue light (max. at 421 nm), which appears less bright but emphasizes even more the fluorescent pigments in the corals.

ATI Purple Plus – Supplementary tube

ATI Aquablue Special

In addition to an intense blue component, as also found in the Blue Plus, the Purple Plus also has a red component. This emphasizes both fluorescent and non-fluorescent pigments. For this reason, Purple Plus has a particularly high color-enhancing effect on corals and fish. We recommend mixing it with our basic tubes (Blue Plus, Aquablue Special) in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:4.