ATI Easy Glue

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Easy Glue

fast and clean

ATI Easy Glue is ideal for fixing SPS Corals, zoanthus, soft and leather corals on frag rocks/plugs, or directly in the reef. ATI Easy Glue is also suitable for the fixation of aquatic plants in the freshwater area.



Through the consistency and the dosage tip accurate work is possible. Put enough glue on to the fracture site of the coral, place it at the desired position and press for a few seconds.

Furthermore suitable for the bonding of metals, glass, porcelain, ceramics, rubber, leather, wood, paper, plastic (not suitable for PE, PP, styrofoam and soft PVC).

Available in 50 ml.


Your advantages

  • Glued within a few seconds (water contact accelerate the curing)

  • Highly efficient, because very little glue is needed

  • No sticking of the tip

  • Contains no solvents

  • Made in Germany


Hazard statements

  • Contains cyanoacrylate. Bonds within a few seconds skin and eyes.

  • It is recommended when working with the adhesive protective gloves to wear!

  • Avoid contact of the adhesive with the skin and eyes.

  • Keep out of reach of children!