KH Test Kit

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Wassertest KH

 Water test kit


  • Professional, laboratory-controlled test kit for measuring the KH value/alkalinity of seawater

  • High yield, sufficient for at least 100 applications with 10 °dKH.

  • Easy handling due to clear color change

  • High Resolution (Accuracy): 0,1 °dKH

  • Range: 0,1 – 10 °dKH

  • Incl. multistandard

  • Refill Pack available

Measure the KH value/alcalinity at laboratory level

Our KH test is used for the high-precision determination of carbonate hardness / alkalinity in seawater and is characterized by a high accuracy of 0.1 ° dKH. The test is also very productive, at 10 ° dKH at least 100 measurements can be performed. For control purposes, 100 ml multiteferenz are included. This multi-reference solution can also be used to check other water parameters (e.g., salinity, calcium, magnesium, etc.).


Controlled safety

The production of our reef care products is subject to strict monitoring by our own laboratory. The quality assurance helps us in the selection of the purest raw materials and leads to end products in best quality. The accuracy of the KH test kit was also adjusted and tested in our laboratory.


Operating instructions (download)

If your operating instructions are lost or otherwise unusable, you will find the operating instructions as a replacement for download here. Simply click on the symbol (book), the instruction manual opens in a new window as PDF.

Hover your mouse pointer over the image of the test kit, to get further information about its components.

KH test kit open


Operating instructions

Operating instructions
(klick on the book icon above to download the instructions as PDF.)

Syringe 1 ml

1 ml syringe
(For the titration of reagent KH 2 into the sample, until the color changes from green to pink.)


(To check accuracy and function of home test kits.)

KH 2

Reagent KH 2
(Attention: corrosive!)

KH 1

Reagent KH 1

Titration tube

Titration tube
(Chamber for the reaction of the different reagents.)

5 ml Syringe

5 ml Spritze
(To transfer 5 ml sample from the aquarium to the titration tube.)