ATI Easy Vital

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Easy Vital

Small grain – Big impact!

ATI Easy Vital is a highly active, natural clay mineral. By his extremely large surface area, it has particularly high level Absorption Capability. Toxic substances and harmful organic metabolites are very effective bound and removed from the aquarium. The applications are numerous.

Available in 250 and 500 ml.

The main fields of application at a glance

  • Detoxification: chlorine, heavy metals, copper, zinc, cadmium, drug residues and many other toxins are removed

  • Improved bioactivity: The reduction of biological inhibitors leads to an improved polyp and coral growth

  • Reduction of nutrients: Through the binding of ammonium and ammonia, nitrite and nitrate formation are significantly reduced. The nutrient reduction counteracts algae

  • Disease prevention: The germs in the water is reduced and bacterial infections thus counteracted

  • Water clarification: Gelbstoffe, other unwanted dyes and phenols are removed